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The IDEAL speed for heavy vehicles is between 80 km/h and 88 km/h.


Effects on engine life, reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance

At 96 km/h the vehicle will require 73% more engine power in relation to the power required for optimal speed.

At 112 km/h the requirement is 159% more engine power. We can notice that the power increase is not proportional to the increase in speed, but much larger, concluding then that the increase in speed to operating income does not pay if we consider the cost to increase the power required.

For each km/h running the vehicle above 88 km/h the fuel consumption suffer an increase of 1%.

If the truck makes an average of 3.36 km/L at 88 km/h will go to 2.95 km/L to 100 km/h and 2.62 km/L to 110 km/h. This means an increase of 12% to 100 km/h and 22% at 110 km/h in spending on fuel and consequently the company's costs.


Effects on tire consumption

The high temperature is the main reason for the wear of the tires. At 112 km/h wear of the tread band of tires will be doubled. Therefore, the 25.7% increase in speed gives 100% increase in tire wear.


Effects on maintenance costs

Every 1 km/h more turnover in the maintenance cost increases 2.75%. A speed of 112 km/h, 66% increase in the cost of maintenance, with reference to the controlled speed of 80 km/h and 88 km/h.



The speed limit control MOOVE TELEMETRY TELECOM TRACK enables gauge 02 speeds for dry and rain conditions, where when the driver exceeds a pre-defined speed, triggers an audible beep, accusing the infraction. The driver has 10 seconds (configurable and suggested time) to resume the defined speed or the equipment will register the occurrence and issue reports. By benchmarking speeds between 80 km/h and 88 km/h on dry track and 70 km/h on wet, your fuel consumption will average always 12% lower than if the vehicles are to 100 km/h.

fleet management costs

As well as lower fuel consumption which is of immediate observation (table above), these controls will also appear in reducing maintenance and increasing engine life.

Controlling the speed between 80km/h and 88km/h, the temperature will be smaller and thus less wear on the tires, the more useful life and longer term change.

Limiting the speed between 80km/h and 88km/h maintenance costs will be considerably less and better scheduled maintenance.



RPM IDEAL for heavy vehicles are shown on each model panel: GREEN TRACK.


Effects on engine life, reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance

Working with lower rotations or higher than the indicative in the speedometer GREEN TRACK cause wear to the mechanical component such as engine and transmission, in addition to increased fuel consumption. An important factor in reducing fuel consumption is the correct exchange of marches, within the time and in the green belt of the tachometer.



RPM limit control TELEMETRY MOOVE TELECOM TRACK enables measuring the RPM to work only within the GREEN TRACK where when the driver has 10 seconds to resume defined velocidadae or equipment will register the occurrence and issue reports.

Controlling the RPM is decreased considerably the consumption of fuel, maintenance, and increases motor life.



Effects on damage, loss and cargo return.

The cargo return by reaching their final destination with some damage, or totally damaged, causes damage to various wholesale and distribution sector, such as the return of the same.



With TELEMETRY MOOVE TELECOM TRACK and use of overturning and curves  sensor, fleet managers will have more control of the behavior of its drivers and thus the cargo is less tortured during the delivery paths, reducing losses and discards, and consequently, prejudice.

Controlling excessive overturning of the vehicle body can also reduce accident and driving risks. 

 We guarantee 8% in fuel economy and 5% in maintenance costs. Many of our clients had up to 21% reduction in fuel consumption.

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