ANATEL (National Agency of Telecommunications) promotes the development of telecommunications in the country in order to provide them with a modern and efficient telecommunications infrastructure, capable of offering to society adequate services, regulating and inspecting products, issuing or recognizing the certification thereof, subject to the standards and norms established by it. All vehicle tracking modules used by TELECOM TRACK are certified by ANATEL.


ISO 9001 is an international standard that establishes the best practices to be followed in conducting the Quality Management System of an organization. It is a strong tool for structuring, organizing and directing the company's processes, improving them continuously. As the main focus of TELECOM TRACK is the satisfaction of our customers and the quality of services provided, since 2010 we have obtained this certification and annually we undergo maintenance audits.

The benefit of ISO 9001 certification for our customers is the guarantee that we are increasingly taking actions to optimize our services through the implementation of preventive actions, risk assessment and strategic planning to maintain our commitment to quality. We have even greater added value to our services, because with the constant evaluation / measurement of ISO we can achieve ever higher levels of quality, differentiating the TELECOM TRACK in the segment in which it operates. It is always possible to do better and we seek the excellence of our services constantly!

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