• Vehicle tracker;
  • Tracker Portable;
  • Tracker for heavy machinery;
  • Tracker trailer;
  • Complete vehicle telemetry;
  • Above options in dual chip (except product to cart).


All our products are GPS / GPRS technology. Online operation of the products is required that the vehicles are in range. It is understood by GPS coverage area nationwide except covered garages, tunnels, closed sheds and similar. GPRS coverage area is as a feature area of the cellular network. We work with all cell phone providers available in Brazil: VIVO, CLARO and OI. The choice of the embedded chip varies with the best coverage area "where" the vehicles transit.



  • Panic button, siren, communication LED and beep;
  • Sensors: violation panel, door opening, oil pressure, temperature, folding and activation platform, hitch and trailer trip
  • Lock (s) chest and keyboards messages and alerts.

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