Our products and services result from gathering information that act as a valuable advice, assisting in a safe access to the rich source of data available in the vehicle. Through these data you reduce maintenance costs, saves fuel and increases the productivity of the operation, that is, it increases the entire operational activity of your fleet.

In TELECOM TRACK,  information is the center. Continue to seek new data sources and new networks of information is part of our DNA. Where others stop, we continue until your problem is resolved.


  • Tracking: 24/7 monitoring central with high technological standard, trained and qualified personnel and cutting edge infrastructure;
  • Security: Ready Response team able to recover stolen vehicles;
  • National Service Network: Expert and timely technical staff;
  • Customized Products and Services: Hardware and Software;
  • Moove: Complete Telemetry.


Benefits and advantages
  • Customized management reports;
  • Registration of points of interest and electronic fence with speed control;
  • Management and route optimization;
  • Event Alert: via system, e-mail or SMS;
  • Scheduled maintenance and filling control;
  • Registration drivers with valid driver's control.

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